Don’t Let Trauma or Relationship Conflict Destroy Your Life

Get the support you need from a compassionate professional who cares!

Living with the consequences of trauma or unresolved conflict can tear your world apart. So can relationship breakups, divorce or other life challenges. Coping with the pain can leave you physically, emotionally and psychologically devastated. Anger, fear, guilt and shame can keep you overwhelmed with grief.

This is a time when you need support from someone who understands … as well as guidance in creating resolution and a vision for a brighter future.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past twenty years.

I’m passionate  about helping you transition to a place of security, confidence and emotional wellbeing.
Only then can you move on with your life – and be there for yourself, your children and others you love.

As a Psychotherapist my goal is to help you repair, recover and rebuild through heightened awareness of useful skills and realistic options. I specialize in strategies for individuals, couples and anyone needing to heal from the emotional distress of crisis, trauma and other disturbing life experiences.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach I support you through the entire divorce process. This involves facilitating respectful communication and problem-solving while reducing emotional intensity. These steps help make the settlement process and co-parenting partnership more constructive to preserve the integrity of the family.

As a Mediator, I work with separating, divorcing or post-divorce couples in negotiating Parenting Plans and resolving other co-parenting issues. My goal is to minimize the stress, frustration and conflict that could have a long-term negative impact on your children.

I’m here to work for you – and with you – to create more positive outcomes in your life.

Most sincerely,
Anne Parsons, PhD

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