Collaborative Divorce Coaching – Is It Right For You?

Want to avoid the devastation of a divisive and adversarial divorce?

Concerned about the emotional turmoil and negative impact of parental conflict on your children – whether young, teens or even grown adults?

You’re not alone. Divorce takes its toll on individuals and families alike.

Studies show the level of conflict between parents is the primary factor determining how well children will adjust to life after your divorce. By managing conflict you give your kids the opportunity to better adapt and thrive.

That’s why I became a Collaborative Divorce Coach.

I’ve worked in the divorce and conflict resolution field for over 20 years. I’ve seen the damaging effect of high conflict divorces not only on the nuclear family, but on multiple generations within the family — and for multiple generations into the future.

I’ve also seen families where the children thrive – embracing more people who love and care for them into their lives.

Through the amicable and respectful Collaborative Divorce process I help couples divorce with a better outcome for both – and that leads to a more successful co-parenting experience. By taking the high road and having constructive conversations, you can reach your goals with dignity – and know that you have done all that you can do to put the best interests of your children first.

Collaborative Divorce is designed to minimize the damage and destruction of divorce. This private, no-court process involves a team of professionals. Each one pledges to work together to help you develop mutually satisfying agreements that enable you to move forward with dignity, mutual respect, and the most positive future for your family.

Your Divorce Coach is a critical part of the team.

Working with a Collaborative Divorce Coach/Facilitator

Collaboratively trained Coaches are licensed mental health professionals who have special training in conflict resolution, emotional containment, couples communication, family dynamics, child development, and co-parenting techniques.

We keep discussions collaborative and constructive – supplementing and complementing your attorneys’ legal expertise so the final result is more than a legal agreement. It becomes the foundation for a healthier post-divorce relationship that honors your decisions based on mutual love for your children.

As your Collaborative Divorce Coach I …

  • Help you navigate the emotional waters of divorce by preparing you for the process.
  • Work as a neutral party with you in individual, joint and team meetings.
  • Support you in managing highly-charged emotions so you can make better, more thoughtful decisions, and transition to life after divorce with integrity, confidence, and new hope for the future.
  • Assist you in identifying your shared values and individual concerns in preparation for negotiating in your settlement meetings.
  • Teach communication and conflict resolution methods that you can use post-divorce and in other areas of your lives.
  • Guide you in developing and implementing a parenting plan and effective co-parenting skills that honor the wellbeing of your children and fit your lives.
  • Make settlement meetings more effective and collaborative by facilitating communication with your professional team.
  • Help you avoid costly, time-consuming and emotionally draining court litigation.

I know this is a very difficult time of life. You can depend on me to partner with you through the challenges to move forward, separately, but with a newly defined and healthy relationship with yourself, your co-parent and your children.


To learn more about the Collaborative Divorce process and how using a Collaborative Divorce Coach can help you …

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