Better Options For Healthier Co-Parenting

Mediating Desirable Outcomes

As a Mediator I work with individuals and couples to help diffuse emotionally charged issues. My extensive training in conflict management and dispute resolution keeps you on track while empowering you to maintain control of your own decision making with dignity and confidence. By striving for more reasonable and workable decisions we reach more amicable settlements – and win-win outcomes for all.

Creating Shared Visions for the Future

I help parents develop pre- and post-divorce co-parenting agreements that meet the needs and desires of both parties. Looking to the future we determine what is best for your children, what shared values both parents have, and how the restructuring of the family unit will affect everyone.

This is a highly sensitive process, which entails openness, honesty and respect. As a mediator I’m here to help both parties move down the path of resolution. I act as a neutral third party to support the couple – not the court system – in controlling the steps toward reaching an agreement that is acceptable to all.

Another viable option is choosing collaborative divorce coaching rather than divorce mediation. Coaching is ideally suited to creating parenting plans and co-parenting agreements that meet your family’s needs.*

When post-divorce issues arise – even years after your divorce – I also provide co-parenting facilitation which integrates a combination of mediation and therapy skills.

To learn more about Mediation and Co-Parenting Services best suited for you, call Dr. Parsons to schedule a complementary conversation:
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*I cannot accept insurance for Coaching services as it is not therapy.